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October 17th, 2017

Y’all, I finally have a blog!

Now, I know I am about two decades late, but it’s finally here and I couldn’t be happier.

So, let me tell you a little bit about the girl behind the words.

I’m Carrie. I’m a tell it how is blogger and photographer coming to you from small town Wisconsin. I am happily growing from Facebook and Instagram to this beautiful website where even my Gram can follow along! I want to tell you my life story, but I will spare you and save some content to blog for later. For now, I’ll’ give you a little taste.

I am an academic advisor by trade and a creative at heart. I found meaning behind my sassy, no-nonsense voice after losing my brother, Ben, to suicide in 2014. I am now a writer and preacher of self love, wellness, slowing down, real life connection and honoring our real, messy lives as enough. My photography and blogging meet to share these real life stories.

Yes, we will talk about real shit here.

I know I just dropped the “s” word on ya (meaning suicide, not shit) and you’re uncomfortable. That’s pretty normal. You will notice very quickly that I talk openly about what my life is like since losing Ben to suicide. I also talk honestly about other topics that may make you uncomfortable. Remember, growth begins just outside of your comfort zone, so stick with me, okay?

The pretty stuff.

Most days you can find me belting it out with Beyoncé (in my car), giggling in my small town WI studio apartment with my Feyoncé, or mindfully practicing slowing down to be present in living my life. I love serving the world by sharing my raw, honest feelings. My heart is most full when I am taking photos, writing, being creatively free and being intentional in relationships with humans I love.

The real-life human stuff.

This is where you will find a difference between myself and others. I share the not-so-blog-worthy sides of life. This is something I find immense value in. I have lots of flaws and I’ll tell it to ya straight: my life isn’t only comprised of the awesome things above. I am by biggest critic. Oh, you too?  I’m happy to hear it. I am all about connecting on a deeper level and making real life friends. Buh-bye small talk, hello intentional conversation!

Welcome to #CarriesCrew. Welcome home.

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