Jon + Lindsey – Family Session

October 17th, 2017

My cousin Lindsey approached me at a family holiday and told me her Jon will soon be on sent on another assignment with the Air Force. Daddy had left for work before, but Savannah had not been old enough to understand he was gone. We both looked up to their little girl as she danced along to Carrie Underwood singing on Youtube, the family looking on and giggling with admiration.Then, Lindsey asked if I would be willing to capture their family before Jon’s departure. I. Was. Thrilled!

We shot on that 90 degree day until it was time to break for some dinner and an outfit change. I was sitting on the porch as little miss Savannah came out in her red, white and blue dress. I told her how pretty she looked and her bashful smiled widened. We chatted until Jon came out in uniform. Savannah looked up at him with her big blue eyes and said in her tiny voice, “Daddy, are those your work clothes?” My heart felt pangs of sadness and flitters of sweetness all at once. “Yes, these are Daddy’s work clothes” Jon replied.

Y’all know I am a sap, so it should go without saying I really had to hold back some emotions during this shoot! We even go to have some fun with extended family and generation photos (even the old lady, Gram, made an appearance!)

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