Anna – Fall Session

October 17th, 2017

When I asked my cousin Anna if she was willing to model for a fall shoot with me, the girl delivered! So thankful she agreed, I arrived to her house so we could pick out a few outfits together. I walked up to her room where she had at least a dozen adorable fall outfits- including shoes, accessories and scarves- already laid out on her bed. We chatted like little school girls as I sat on her bed and we picked out a few outfits.

Once we arrived at the park, I started shooting what I thought I should shoot. Asked her to pose the way I had seen other lifestyle models on Instagram pose. I was enjoying myself, but not fully. Anna and I took a break for an outfit and a card change and went back at it again.

As we were driving, I was thinking, “Where should we shoot? Where should we shoot?” Just then, I saw a some white, fluffy foliage along the side of the road and loved it. In that moment, I stopped worrying about what I should do, and took the reigns back on my shoot and did what I wanted to do. I made a quick turn to pull off the road and shoot right there, where I wanted to.

It is easy to get so caught up looking at what other people are doing it can throw us off our own course. Here’s the thing; when we are doing something because other people are doing it, it is not in line with our true passion, so it will never be our best work. This day I was reminded to do whatever it was I desired. To honor myself and my creative freedom. And the magical thing? Once I did, I felt so much more fulfilled and happy shooting. Anna and I giggled our way through the rest of the shoot until dusk drove us home.

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