About my Photography

Truth time? I kind of resent the posed photo. Actually, scratch that, I really do. What good is a memory if it is a forced one? I understand and deliver posed photos, but I live for the truth that sneaks out between poses, capturing the vulnerability that is so rare and beautiful. My style is photo journalistic; candid, raw, authentic.

As a photographer, I am a storyteller. Sometimes all we need to to tell a story is a photo of an adorably round baby, and other times there is a little more story to honor behind the smiling face in the photo. No matter what season of life you are going through, your story is worth capturing right now. I would be honored to capture your story and give it a voice.

Why choose me?


The experience of your shoot should be just as memorable as the photos you take away from it. My vibe is genuine, light hearted and focused on being present with your family.


I’m all about sharing where I’m at in all seasons of my life. I don’t just create authentic photos, my clients have the opportunity to serve the greater community by sharing their stories (inquire for details).


You better believe I have strong vision during shoots and when I see a great shot, even if it means me getting on the floor to capture, you best believe that I will be goin’ and gettin’ that shot!


My style is all about capturing those honest, in between moments; you just as you are. Let’s be real, I’m not about the posed photo. And those bright, airy photos? I can’t get enough.

Interested? Tell me more!

If you’re interested in my services, please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!