My third blog post and I already have great news to share! I just found out I’ll be moving to New York for 2 months and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve already been looking at things to do, planning my outfits, downloading apps, and thinking about it 24/7. I leave in one week! There’s so much left to figure out but the spontaneous side of me is loving every minute of it.

I will be a temporary designer at NUK USA where one of my best friends’ works. AND, what’s even better is I also get to live with her in her New York pent house suite! … Well, maybe that’s straying a little bit from the truth. She lives in the upper east side in this cute (and tiny) apartment, but that’s all part of this amazing experience. Stay tuned for more to come about my “new” roommate, new job, and new city!




Sprout it up!

Welcome to our first blog post! We are always up to something new… but one thing you’ll come to realize real quick – we love working in cafes and coffee shops and we love sprouts!

You may spot us around working hard on current design and/or web projects, and maybe writing new blog post! We’re super excited to keep you updated through our blog on anything to everything. We’ll have fun articles, featured artists and even some freebies! Stay tuned as we emerge into the blogging world and continue to grow at a company!