Fab Finds: Cassie Dee

Cassie Dee Johnson is a Graphic Designer who spends most of her days coordinating lovely printed goodness at a printing + packaging company in Northeastern Wisconsin. In her spare time, she can be found perusing wine shelves for the perfect hand drawn label or perfecting the art of nerdy-dancing.


1. amerrymishap // product images: pale blue, white + copper necklace

shop description: I’ve been following this Etsy shop for quite some time, and it’s really hard to stop myself from buying everything! The use of golds, blues and beiges are simply intoxicating and design is simple and raw. I especially love this pale blue, white and copper necklace. So lovely!


2. leahduncan // product images: sprouting print (in honor of ‘Sprout’), meadow tea towel  or succulent poster.

shop description: Leah Duncan’s work is simply wonderful. Her folky, charming, and whimsical-yet-modern aesthetic shines brightly on any medium. Whether it be jewelry, tea towels, pillowcases, or print design – her work is sure to bring a little smile to your face. This succulent poster would be the perfect addition to my living room!


3.  juliakostreva // product images: pink colorblock iPhone case or triangles in nude iPhone case

shop description: Looking for a gorgeous new phone case? Absolutely be sure to check out Julia Kostreva’s Etsy shop. Her work is very elegant with a touch of bold flavor. The color palettes are flawless, and the geometric aspect of her designs bring a little edge to her aesthetic. I’m really drawn to the triangles in nude iPhone case, my phone is in desperate need of some updated style!


4. shoprarebird // product images: brass minamalist chevron earrings

shop description: If you’re looking for beautiful, minimalist, down-to-earth jewelry, then shoprarebird is absolutely for you! Their jewelry is lovingly crafted and would enhance anyone’s collection. Personally, i’m eyeing up these brass chevron earrings. They’re a little slice of geometric happiness


Photoshoot with Kyah Jo

Taking us back to sunsets, dresses, and green grass… The weather was gorgeous and a perfect time to shoot photographs for a sprouting new business.

Through the development of Sprout, I knew I wanted to get some great professional photos to use for my site and various promotions. It didn’t take long to decide who I wanted to work with – miss Kyah Jo was at the top of my list. I met Kyah in college and had the opportunity to work together for some UWSP Basement Brewhaus promotions. She’s such a fun person who recently started a business of her own as a photographer. I saw her photography work and thought it would be so great to get back together with her and have a little fun! What could be better than working with another startup business?

I was so nervous preparing, I’m not one of those people who enjoy the spotlight or being the center of attention. Not to mention the last time I had photos taken like this was probably years ago for my high school senior photos. I anxiously awaited the day and frantically tried deciding what I could wear. For those who know me… I love clothes… and I’m also extremely indecisive, not the best combo (:

So the day had come, Kyah and I met for a little coffee and caught up, then continued around town to some cool spots to take photos. It was awesome that Kyah already had some in mind, because I wasn’t from the area. She did a GREAT job picking locations (and even helped narrow down my wardrobe options — she rocks!)

We had a blast on our photoshoot!! It was way more fun than I had anticipated! We were enjoying ourselves — laughing, smiling, and photographing. She was wonderful at “setting up” and capturing the perfect photo as you can see. I’m so happy with the results! We are hoping to get together again and shoot some more photos to share!

I encourage you to check out all her work! She shoots engagement photos, weddings, portraits & more, and does a wonderful job at all of it!

Photo credit to Photography by Kyah Jo