Are you familiar with the term “Branding”?

If not, we’d be happy to educate you. It’s a really important component of a business. Whether you’re a large business like Amazon, or a tiny ma and pop shop, your branding is critical to your success. A word you may be more familiar with is probably logo, identity, and/or wordmark. This is the pinnacle of your branding, but there’s a lot more that makes up your brand. It is the look and feel of who you are, what you provide, and what you stand for. Some things that are important to your branding are logo design, colors, fonts, patterns/imagery, and brand voice.

Features of a great logo…


The most successful logos are often extremely simple. Think of Target, Nike, and FedEx, they all are INSTANTLY recognizable. The visual is clear and communicates the brand in the simplest form.


It’s really important that your logo can be used in a variety of manners. It needs to look great on a massive scale (i.e. billboards) and on a small scale (i.e. pens). It also is important that a logo looks good in one color and reversed out on a black background. The flexibility factor is often why you often see a horizontal and a vertical version of logos.


Often we associate well-designed logos with how memorable they are. However, this could be a negative thing if your logo is THAT bad. Let’s assume your logo is good, you want your audience to immediately gravitate toward it and remember it months down the road. This is an important factor in building the brand recognition.


It is so important that a logo is paired with complimentary branding elements. A great logo includes the brand visuals associated with it. Is it modern, does it love polka dots, is it colorful? These are all things that go into branding and a great logo includes them.

Are you ready for a new logo design or brand revamp?

Are you feeling like your logo is in need of an overhaul? Or maybe you’re a new company looking to start building your business and gain brand recognition? Here at Sprout Studio, we will help you dig into the nuances of your business and find what makes you unique. We’re also here to help with design research and find out what your style and objectives are all about. Sometimes you might not be sure what you’re looking for like Tanya from the Branding Broad (see case study below), and that’s what makes the process so fun, challenging, and rewarding.

We love helping you bring your brand to life! With our logo design experience, we know what questions to ask so that we can uncover who you are. It’s so important that a logo and branding reflects who your business is. This is one of the key benefits to hiring a professional designer and your logo will stand the test of time. (Mini Tip: Stay away from that pre-designed “logo” that you slap your business name on, the price tag might sound enticing, but you’ll end up needing to redesign it down the line.) Take a look below as we dive into the process with the Branding Broad’s identity project.

Follow along with our “Branding Broad” logo design case study

We are so passionate about branding that we want to start our journey with some discovery and research on who you are.  After we have a firm handle on this, we can start the design process. We’ll create a moodboard for your brand, then get into sketching and your logo design, and continue the creativity with matching marketing pieces (letterhead, business cards, social media, email signatures, website, etc).

Mood Board

What is a mood board? A mood board is a visual representation of your brand. This is how we love to start off our logo projects. It is a compilation of pictures, typography, patterns, and colors the evoke the style of your brand. It’s a great way to lay out the visuals of a brand and communicate a clear style. When creating your logo, marketing pieces, or your website, we can look back at the mood board and ask ourselves, “Does this fit with our brand?”

Thumbnail Sketching

From here, we’ll head to the good ol’ fashioned, pen and paper. Sketching out early in the process is so important in logo development. We remember being in design school and being asked to do 200+ sketches before the next class. (We hated it back then but can really appreciate it now. Thanks, Professors!) Sketching out ideas is great for speed and stretching our creativity.


You may have noticed in the mood board that it’s very clear to see the Branding Broad loves stripes, and to be more specific, navy blue stripes! We decided we had to somehow incorporate this into her branding. My favorite thing about hiring a graphic designer for your logo design is that you get to add these personal touches and it truly takes the process to the next level and gives the logo and your branding a life of its own. Take a look at the initial concepts and see how we were able to work “stripes” into the designs.

With a few revisions, we landed on the perfect logo design for the Branding Broad. Ta-da!

The final logo design combines her style, brand, and communicates the fun, slightly-nautical spirit of the business. We have a striped element that frames the name in a creative way and also introduces a striped aspect into the custom lettering of “Branding”. The geometric lines are balanced out with a script font to add a soft touch and friendly connection with the typography.


Next, it’s time to build out the brand. Starting with a business card, which as every business owner knows, it’s a “must-have”. We strongly encourage all our clients to have an impressive business card design, which is sure to catch attention and make people remember you. For Tanya, we decided to use a square card, inspired by her favorite platform, Instagram.

We loved working with Tanya to make her entrepreneurial dream come to life! Her logo and branding is a great example of how you can really personalize a brand and develop it based on who you are. She gets lots of compliments on the design and the quality design helps her business grow!

“A studio that’s one of a kind! From the first meeting to the brainstorming, to the initial branding concepts, it was amazing! I was blown away with the finished masterpiece. I started out with no real idea of what I wanted but in the end, they provided exactly what I wanted!”

Tanya Ciurro

Branding Broad

Do you feel like you’re ready to make an investment in your business? Are you ready to create a custom logo design and branding package for you? We’d love to help you grow. So, go ahead, and head here to tell us more!