What is Event Branding?

Event branding is creating a cohesive identity/design for an event to be used in promotions as well as at the event itself. Event design is so important in building a uniform look across many platforms, it’s crucial in creating recognition for your event and potential attendees. Having a solid promotional strategy and marketing pieces that look similar across platforms is key to a successful event. You want your event to be instantly recognizable. To accomplish this, many events have an identity of their own, which often looks similar to a logo. The “logo” is accompanied by other branding elements such as colors, imagery, patterns, language, etc. Together this creates a powerful campaign for your event so regardless of where your promotions are seen, it’s easily recognized. Events should be promoted on a variety of platforms to reach the most people.

Digital Promotions:

  • facebook events
  • eventbrite
  • social media
  • websites
  • banner ads

Print Advertisements:

  • billboards
  • posters
  • mailers/invites
  • newspapers

Whether it’s a company event, national conference, or a local fundraiser, Sprout Studio can help you create the branding for your event and carry it throughout your visuals. Think twice before heading to Microsoft Word to design some posters and/or using an image you found off Google.

You can hire us and we’ll save you time and headaches.

Branding at Your Event:

  • Signage
  • Nametags
  • Swag Bags/Take-Aways
  • Promotional Materials
  • Schedule of Events
  • Event Map
  • Slide Presentations
  • Photobooth/Snapchat Filters

We want to bring your event to life!

Name tags are an important piece in most event branding. They are a great way to elevate your attendee’s experience with custom name tags. No one wants to wear those sticky generic name tags that fall off half the time.
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