Free Printables for Homeschooling Moms with Young Kids

We wanted to help out some of the mom’s who are at home with little kids trying to homeschool. We reached out to some friends with children to see what might be helpful resources for them. We wanted to create fun printables that are fun for kids, but also helpful for parents.

We’ll be sharing a new printable each day this week. So follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see when the next one drops.

* NOTE: All Printables are for personal use. Please contact me for use in your classrooms or commercial use.

Our first product to share is a daily routine for pre-readers who aren’t able to read the charts that are out there. This is great for the pre-school aged kids and features spot at the top for them to practice their writing as well as outlined illustrations so they can color it themselves.

Download your Pre-reader Chart here

If you use our chart, we’d love for you to share a photo with us to see how your kids are enjoying it.



Today’s printable is to celebrate Earth Day, which is April 22. We wanted to share this one a day early so you had time to print and have ready for tomorrow.

Another friend said that her kids love mazes, so we thought it would be fun to include an Earth-related maze with coloring. We love games and drawing around here, so even as an adult, we’d love this one!


Get it now! – Earth Maze Printable


Today’s printable is a really fun one. It with help your kids get active and spend some time outdoors for Earth Day! How fun! If you know me personally, you may know how much I love scavenger hunts, so of course, I had to make one for you all. To make it even more fun, I used the same words in the scavenger hunt to also be a part of my word search. Print this for your kids to enjoy and bonus points for children who pick up more than one piece of trash to recycle or throw away!


Download your 2-in-1 Activity Printable Here


Today’s printable is a fun little game! It involves creativity and imagination. To play, you roll the dice and draw a part of your creature that matches the number you’ve rolled. (If you don’t have dice, or a game to borrow dice from, write each number on a small piece of paper and choose 1 for your turn)

I’ve love to see what your kids come up with! I hope they have a blast.

Roll a Creature – Free Printable Game


I will have to maintain my excitement for today’s freebie! Hopefully, you know by now that I love to spread love and kindness to all. So for the grand finally of free printable week, I wanted to create an extra special printable for your kids.

Free printable – Thank You Cards

Free printable – Miss You Cards

Here’s a little video to walk you through all our printables and a little description on how to assemble your cards.



Thank you!!!