Are you from Wisconsin? We sure know how to throw a good brew sample party!

Viking Liquor held a successful event with tons of beer samples, giveaways, and food. A fun event to bring a huge variety into a beer-loving, small town. Amazingly, there was over 20 different brews to try, needless to say, no one left thirsty…

It was a fun challenge to display all the different brewery logos on one poster. We didn’t want the mess or busy-ness of different colors, shapes, and sizes. In case you’re asking, “Why not?” Design Tip: That would be a graphic overload.

So how did this idea come about?

One of my favorite things to do when I’m at a bar is to look at all the different tap handles, being a graphic designer, I love to pick my favorite and give it a try. I especially love to do this when traveling, because you have so may new local beers to explore. With this in mind and after a lot of brainstorming and exploration, we came up with the idea to represent each participating brewery with their tap handle. How awesome!? After a lot of research and fine-tuning, we centered the promotional campaign around these 20 breweries taps. The inviting design lured beer lovers from all around.
One of the fun social media campaigns we used was to post photos of the tap silhouettes without the logo and see if viewers could guess which brewery it was. Some were quick, some were hard!
Viking Liquor also provided pretzels and their famous Beer Cheese Dip (maybe to cleanse the pallet or maybe because it’s straight up DELICIOUS). We came prepared because we knew everyone would ask for the recipe, so at the last minute, we decided to print of recipe cards. Branded, of course!