WAGET is a non-profit based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, providing cultural, academic, career, and leadership programs for people around the world. Starting as the Environment and Public Health Network for Chinese Students and Scholars, the non-profit has morphed into an impressive non-profit organization doing work in many countries and provided life-changing experiences to its people. You can read more about the organization here.
Our job for the organization was to create some marketing materials to start spreading the word and provide some key takeaways at a conference they attended. As is the case with many non-profits, they have a logo, but not much other branding. We were able to take what was started and develop a brand for them. Through this, we created a tri-fold brochure and a handout for them to pass out.

To provide visual references, we designed icons to accompany the information as well as a map to visually represent all the areas that WAGET has been in. Giving an educational brochure some graphic elements brings the information to life and allow the information to flow.