Children’s Illustrations // Product Graphics

At NUK, trend forecasting is an important element in their designs. Mothers like to stay trendy, and they want their babies to be also.  The baby illustrations are bright, fun and a bit whimsical — perfect for any happy baby and mama.

We had the opportunity to work on a lot of cute designs and we’re excited to share samples with you.

After we decide on some theme for designs, we head to our sketch book to start some fun concepts. When we’ve settled on some designs we love we’ll translate them into digital artwork. (Sometimes we use our Wacom Tablet to illustrate directly to the computer.) During this time, we pick out our four Pantone colors for the design, and figure out how to bring the art to life while being limited to only four solid colors. After a series of revisions and testing with the audience, we decide on the final artwork for the products.

Once the illustrations have been finalized, we separate the designs into four different layers of colors. The graphics are printed using a screen method so each color is “stamped” individually. Flip through the art below to see how the colors lay on top of each other to create the finished product. The lightest color always goes on first (in this case white), then the colors are layered on one by one.

In addition to the custom baby illustrations, we were honored to work on licensed product designs with Curious George, Little Suzy Zoo, Blaze Monster Machines, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Mickey Mouse.*

In addition to bottle and pacifier graphics, we got to design some fabric patterns for the new pacifier clip. The designs were to be trendy and look cute with different outfits and pacifier designs.

The fabric was made to look like jean material and was challenging because we were limited to 4 colors that were printed on white. It turned out great and we added some polka dots (who doesn’t love polka dots!?)


Little Suzy Zoo – Licensed Character Design

The Little Suzy Zoo set is a great example to show off what we can do with a quick turn around. We were given the project of a 3-pack bottle design for Little Suzy Zoo. Using a licensed character set, we had to manipulate characters to allow for our 4-color screen printing process. It was also important that they worked together in a set. In addition to the product graphics, we also designed the Little Suzy Zoo packaging for the 3-piece set. Sadly, this design is only available to buy in Canada.

Challenges to Overcome


Quick turn around and need to work fast

Limited Color

Only able to use 4 solid spot colors


General Neutral design is important so it appeals to boys and girls

Matching Set

All three had to look different but work together as a set

*Artwork is licensed to NUK by the companies who own them to create character designs for products, all rights of the character designs are reserved and approved usage. See the NUK website for licensing details.