Where should I get my business cards printed?

We love it when we get this question, and honestly, it depends a lot on what you’re looking for. That said, we want to be a resource for all of you, so we’ve listed out our best advice for where you should get your business cards printed.

Here we go…


Pass on Vistaprint

Those deals that seem too good to be true — Are too good to be true. Sorry, Vistaprint.
If you’re on a budget for business cards, it might be an option you’re thinking about. However, think twice, friends, you get what you pay for. VistaPrint’s cheapest business cards, look just that, really dang cheap. (Disclaimer: If you do order their cards, and they arrive and don’t look right, please get a hold of their customer service and get them reprinted)
If you’re thinking, great tips, but we’re still on a budget. Click here to order.

Got Print

Our second, budget-friendly option is Got-Print.com. If you’re looking to save money on your cards, our recommendation is to order from Got Print. We’ve noticed better quality in their cards, and have been happy with the results


Our Top Choice – Moo

As graphic designers, we know a thing or two about marketing pieces that make you stand out in the crowd. Moo is hands-down our favorite spot for business cards. Even their “standard” cards will outshine the competition. 
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Almost every printer around town will print business cards, so if you have a favorite printer, I would probably suggest you start with them. If you’ve never worked with any print shops and have no clue where to start, we have a few places we’d recommend to get you started.

Minuteman Press
Another great local printer we love is Minuteman Press, located in Waunakee, Wisconsin. We have used them for several projects and love working with them, they always do a great job and have really affordable pricing.

Although they aren’t in the Madison area, Bay View Printing in Milwaukee isn’t too far, so we still consider them to be a great local option. They enter our list as an extra special addition for those who really want some premier cards! They are a letterpress printer and have some really exceptional work.


Below is a project we did for a client where we got to create a custom logo and print them with a letterpress debossed effect. It was a graphic designer’s dream to see this project come to life! (Designers have a special place in our hearts for letterpress since this is where our industry all begin.)

Tips for seeking quotes and comparing:

When you ask for a quote from a printer, don’t forget to find out the thickness on your business cards. You might ask for a quote from 2+ businesses but one might quote you for a thicker paper that would look more expensive. Be sure you’re comparing apples to apples.


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