“Sprouting creativity, growing your success” is not just a fun tagline around here. It’s our mission. We love beautiful details as much as the next graphic designer, but what really matters is creating purposeful visuals that truly reflect your business and help it grow!

One of the biggest lessons we took away from our graphic design education was the idea of creating with intention. We create beauty through design with passion, purpose, and vision by following these three steps…

Our Design Process

GATHER: This is our time to listen and learn from you. We’re interested in discovering your objectives and what we can do to help you grow. It is important we get to know you and your business. We will start with a questionnaire and some research. This is an important component to our process of discovering a design perfect for you and your business.

CREATE: Where the fun begins! Sprout Studio will cultivate some ideas for you and begin to bring your visions to life. We will creatively integrate what we do with what you need. We’ll continue to refine and then we’ll tweak and tighten our creations more until it matches your brand and objective. This is a fun part of the project because this is where everything becomes “real.”

DELIVER: We are ready to finalize the project and deliver. Whether it’s off to the printer or a digital piece, we are excited to present the finished product with a smile on our face and a big “Ta-Da”! We’ll send you forth to utilize your Sprout creations and watch you grow. Although things don’t end here, we look forward to working with you again!

Who we serve

Sprout Studio LLC first bloomed in 2013. Because of our confidence to act as a chameleon, we were happy to work with a variety of businesses and markets. But over time, we’ve discovered who felt like the most natural fit for our joyful style.

We adore working with brands that love to be creative and don’t take life too seriously. If you consider your business to be playful, colorful, and dare we say bold, we are waiting to welcome you with open arms. (And lots of ideas for how to bring your brand to life through illustration, typography, and of course – color!)

What makes us different than any other studio? Our illustrative style and bubbly personality is part of it, but more importantly, we are committed to good design. We’ll take the extra time to make sure your project is taken care of… right down to the details.

If you’re still wondering if we’re a good match, let us introduce you to the one and only Carly. Some say she’s sunshine in human form, but we like to call her our founder. As an avid nugget ice enthusiast, hobby cookier, and pizza fanatic, her fun personality has a huge influence on our unique design style.

Carly is not only a highly talented creative person, but a true joy to work with.”

– Wendy Williams

If you’re ready for an initial consult call that feels more like a casual conversation mixed with a warm hug and design expertise, click the button below and let’s see how we can work together.