Sprout is a growing graphic design business with passion, purpose, and vision. Sprout founder, Carly Wilkie, started out as a nomadic freelancer with a couple clients and has continued to grow. While setting roots in Madison, WI, we’ve grown into what we are today — a versatile graphic design business helping others grow.
If you take a look around, you’ll see, we love what we do! We take great pride in our work. Alright — Let’s be honest, we’re probably as excited about your project as you are. We’re here to help you grow and that’s what we’ve built our business around. Our rockstar services allow us to translate your needs into the visual communication that you and your business have been looking for.

About Our Process

The process is quite simple, and the results are even better!

GATHER: This is our time to listen and learn from you. We’re interested in discovering your objectives and what we can do to help you grow. It is important we get to know you and your business. We will start with a questionnaire and some research. This is an important component to our process of discovering a design perfect for you and your business.

CREATE: Where the fun begins! Sprout Studio will cultivate some ideas for you and begin to bring your visions to life. We will creatively integrate what we do with what you need. We’ll continue to refine and then we’ll tweak and tighten our creations more until it matches your brand and objective. This is a fun part of the project because this is where everything becomes “real.”

DELIVER: We are ready to finalize the project and deliver. Whether it’s off to the printer or a digital piece, we are excited to present the finished product with a smile on our face and a big “Ta-Da”! We’ll send you forth to utilize your Sprout creations and watch you grow. Although things don’t end here, we look forward to working with you again!

The Sprout difference…

What makes us different than any other studio? Our style and personality is part of it, but more importantly, we are committed to good design. We’ll take the extra time to make sure your project is taken care of… right down to the details.

Who we serve

Small businesses and entrepreneurs

We adore working with these folks. They share the same passion and drive that we have. It can be hard work to get a business off the ground and brand recognition is a huge piece of the puzzle. It’s our pleasure working with businesses who are ready to flourish and start chasing their dreams!

Non-profit organizations

We enjoy the ability to help a non-profit organization doing good in the community. It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling and makes us proud to grow the greater good. As a member of a few non-profit orgs, we believe in the power of sharing our talents with those in need. Non-profits often don’t have a designer on staff, but hiring Sprout will help give your organization a professional image.

Larger companies looking to outsource

Working with medium-sized businesses is a great way to offer our services to companies who may not have the manpower to complete a design project. It could be a marketing team with no designers, or maybe the designers on staff are so busy they need a helping hand. Either way, our expertise allows us to step in and adapt quickly to any brand or project.

Not just our clients… They become our friends

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