We take care of you and help you grow.

When looking for a new website or freelance designer, it can be hard to find the right fit. It also is challenging to put your trust in a total stranger. We completely understand! That’s why Sprout Studio is committed to helping your business grow and we’ll be by your side along the way. We will treat you right and deliver top-notch designs to make your business flourish. As our motto says, “Sprouting creativity. Growing your success.”

Why should you hire Sprout? The proof is in the pudding. We have built our business for four years based on referrals and repeat clients. We don’t market ourselves to find new clients, they find us. There’s a reason they keep coming back and referring their friends. They enjoy working with Sprout Studio and appreciate the care and creativity that comes with.

How are we different from our competitors?


We’ll work hard on your projects and pay attention to every detail. Some designers will collect your money based on a “project cost”, then race to finish it with poor quality. This is not how we work, we believe that you deserve quality work, and that’s what we provide, every time.


We’ll offer our opinions when the ideas you’re suggesting don’t quite make sense. Sometimes an idea arises that probably isn’t the best. We’ll advise you on what could work as an alternative. For instance, sometimes that tiny change might seem simple but may actually be complex, sucking up time and moo-la. We’re here to make awesome designs for you but also don’t want to waste time on things that aren’t “that important.”


We have 5.5 years of formal design training/education. (Not to mention, the countless time prior to getting our degree that we were exploring photoshop and all it’s wonders. OR the loads of online training we’ve taken since to stay on top of the evolving design technology and mastering our skills)


We don’t shy away from limiting ourselves to one industry. We enjoy learning about new companies in a variety of fields and we’ll design your brand to reflect who YOU are, not who WE are. We believe that our job is to be transparent, and let your brand and your style shine through.


We are flexible and can easily adapt. We don’t do a one size fits all package, because that’s not practical in the design world. We tailor all our quotes to fit you, and the beauty of the process is we can make changes along the way if it’s right for you.


We won’t leave you hanging. We wish we had a penny for all the times we’ve heard about a freelancer who just stopped responding. We will never do that to our clients! Our mama taught us manners.

Why should you hire a freelance designer?

In this age of the internet, many people feel like they can do everything on their own. True, the internet makes it possible to accomplish a lot of different tasks online, but being able to do them does not mean that you can do them well. Graphic design is an example of one of those seemingly “easy” tasks, but it might be better handled by hiring a freelance graphic designer.

Let’s just say that your company is launching a new marketing campaign and you need some killer graphics to get the word out. Here’s my first tip – This is NOT when you go to your computer and open Microsoft Word. There’s other ways. You know your customers need to know about it, but how do you accomplish this daunting task? If you’re not an artist, you’re probably not tempted to do this type of work yourself. (Or maybe you are and that could be part of the problem… Think again!!) Your solution — hire a freelancer. A freelance graphic designer can complete your project, allowing you to free up your time to focus on other tasks. As we like to say, focus your energy doing what you’re good at. THIS is why Sprout Studio is here.

You know your company’s brand the best, you probably live and breathe it 5 (or maybe 7) days a week. You may have some great design ideas, but if you are not a professional designer, it’s unlikely that you understand the nuances of presenting your business visually. A freelance graphic designer knows the language of color, type, and imagery, and how to combine the right elements to create the best impression of your company. Regardless of the level of your business’s success, you need to present an image of expertise that customers can trust!

Sprout Studio is here to bring that to life. Whether it’s a revamp in your logo, promoting an event or developing a new website, our expertise will help you grow. Outsourcing this work to a freelancer will help you with great designs but also offer you the much needed professional guidance for you to make a right decision for your brand. Sprout will give you peace of mind but also create a firm foundation for great work. Put your company’s image in the hands of Sprout Studio and don’t look homemade.

To get started, why don’t you head here.