Blue Mound Graphics, Inc., is a publisher of a wide variety of Catholic liturgical and Interfaith calendars. We have been working with them for 4 years and updating their site each winter. They sell over 10 calendars with a preview of each one on the site.

Each year the site evolves a little bit improving the overall experience and updating to the current calendars and new features. One of the most important updates we’ve made through the years was to redesign the site to be a responsive mobile-friendly site. What does responsive mean? This is the term that describes a site that will fluctuate the design based on the viewer’s device width.

With a responsive design, mobile users are able to view all the content without zooming in or out. This is standard practice in today’s web design, so if you have a website of your own, double check that it’s responsive to stay up-to-date with the evolving digital world! (To test your site, change the width of your web browser by scaling from the bottom right corner. If elements and the text move to fit the size of your screen, you’re in good shape. If not, you might want to contact us.)

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