The Randy Schopen Memorial Foundation, JCF has been formed to continue the work that Randy did throughout his life helping others, supporting our communities and giving people a chance.

We were approached to create a poster for the event for the Randy Schopen Foundation and Portlight Technologies, to promote their upcoming Pretzel Run. This is one of the many events that the organization holds to raise money for the community. The Randy Schopen pretzel character was already existing from previous years, so we used the same character, and brought a new life to the promotions. We added fun and eye-catching colors, pretzel illustrations, and hierarchy in the text so that all the information was easy to follow. We also brought in some German design styles, because the event is held during Jefferson’s Gemuetlichkeit Days, a German heritage festival.

The foundation doesn’t have a large budget to spend on a full spectrum campaign and other advertising. However, I wanted to share because I think it’s important to note that with a designer, you can have great posters that you can print yourself, and still make an impact.

This year, we worked on a new project for the Randy Schopen Open, a golf outing to raise money and have fun playing golf. Before Randy passed, he always held a golf outing which was a huge success and a good time for all. Based on the stories we hear, one year was extra exciting, as a golf cart ended up in the water. We thought it would be a blast to have a comedic poster that would remind everyone of that time the golf cart somehow ended up in the water. Certainly, a fun way to make the community chuckle.

Talk about something tricky to illustrate… a golf cart in the water? It was a little tricky, and unfortunately, the hosting golf course wasn’t too keen on the idea, and we didn’t want to be encouraging the rowdy behavior. With the revisions, we removed the funny illustration with the golf cart in the water. Even though it didn’t make it to the poster, it will live on in the memories! See the 2 versions below and how we modified it to be more appropriate and still fun.