The Granite Workshop was in need of an update. We were approached to redo their cards to update the information on them, and we suggested that Sprout also updated the logo. The original, which appeared to be in the “Impact” font, wasn’t quite impactful enough.
With the redesign, we kept the thick typeface to mimic the strength behind granite. We also decided on the rectangular shape that frames the text, again, to show strength and stability, but also to symbolize a countertop or island. This worked really well once the granite graphic element is used in place of a solid color.

In addition to the business cards, we also designed some nice shirts for them to wear around the area and to job sites. Shirts with your logo and information are a great way to “advertise” what you do. You never know when you’ll run into someone grocery shopping to needs a service you can offer.
We look forward to continuing to work with The Granite Workshop on revamping their website so it’s a well-designed showcase piece. While working on the website, we’ll be able to brand it so it matches their new, clean, modern feel. Stay tuned, we hope to release that this summer.

Designer Tip: Your logo will help you stand out in a crowd. Let’s hope it’s in a good way!