We had the great pleasure of working with Marla from The Food Court Agency on a number of digital marketing graphics for Instagram. It was a great way to show the beautiful photography from The Food Court Agency, with the fun branding from The Kombucha Shop.

For The Kombucha Shop (TKS) it’s a great strategy to use Instagram as a part of their marketing to increase their buzz and allows them to reach their target audience through social. It’s also important that the branding continues through into their social media account, it gains recognition and trust in the product’s quality.

The following graphics were created to be cover images for Instagram’s new story highlights feature. Using Adobe Illustrator, we’re able to design custom cover images which look great as a whole graphic but can also be viewed as a small circle. When viewing the @thekombuchashop’s profile, you can see the icons and it is a great way to add some branding elements to your Instagram.

As featured on Shark Tank

One morning, we woke up to an email saying, “We have an exciting project that’s confidential, but if you’re interested, it would be really cool!” Our initial thought despite having zero clue what it was… HECK YES!
We found out the details of the project and that Kate from The Kombucha Shop was picked to be on the show and she was off to LA that week. We were so pumped to be a part of it (even if it was secret!) and even more excited to have a Woman-owned, Madison-based business featured on a show like Shark Tank.

The Kombucha Shop’s episode aired on Season 10, Episode 5, of Shark Tank. I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but you can check out the episode yourself at here on ABC!