Madison, WI Shop Local Gift Guide

Looking for some great holiday gift ideas? Well, we’re here for you with 10 incredible local businesses who have great gift ideas for the holiday season! We are a huge advocate of shopping local this holiday season. Our list is comprised of local entrepreneurs selling fantastic goods. Please take some time to look at the list and check out all these great businesses.

This girl. She rocks. I pretty much love all her things. Naturally, because she’s a designer, all her designs are well-designed, creative, and adorable! She has a huge selection of products but we have chosen some of our favorites to feature in our guide. Seriously… how adorable is that HOME sign where you can swap out the wreath for different seasons? We love it. Do ahead and check her out, we guarantee you’ll find some gifts for a few people on your list. (And probably something for you too!!)
Find them online: Website | Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

Melissa Jenkins is probably one of our favorite handcrafted jewelers in town. We’re pretty obsessed with tassel earrings, and she has so many cute options with great color choices. She also makes these fabulous wall hangings and weavings that are so trendy and so adorable. One of the many things I love about what Melissa makes is that each piece looks a little different. Fabulous variety while sticking to the same Melissa Jenkins style. Yes, please!
Find them online: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

Obviously, we can’t do a local holiday gift guide in the Wisconsin without including something to get you through those lonnnnnng colddddd winters. We love the snuggly + warm pieces CroquisKnits creates. She has a ton of styles and great colors to choose from. We love all things creative, but one still we’ve never been able to wrap our heads around is knitting. That’s why we love to know fabulous women with amazing talents! Stay warm this winter with CroquisKnits.
Find them online: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

We love these pieces from Dolce Home (formerly Madison Craft Studio). We first discovered them at the Madison Night Market and fell in love with what they created out of wood ( and fabric too 😉 ). We pretty much wanted to buy everything for ourselves and for others. A truly great sign when you want to buy something for everyone on your list. We originally picked Dolce Home for our guide because of their cool die-cut wood artwork for your home, but they also have cute pillows and custom cutting boards. (If you know Carly, she has a slight obsession with pillows, lol #truth). Check them out for some fabulous gift ideas! They have so many Madison-based designs, BUT if you’re buying for someone who doesn’t live in town, you can totally order something custom – SCORE!
Find them online: Etsy | Facebook

If you follow Sprout on Instagram, you probably already know we’re in love with these felt succulents. A simple concept but it’s totally amazing! We already have a few of them and we continue to want more. For our house, for our office, for everywhere! They just make us smile every time. Aside from the adorable succulents, she also makes felt flowers and other great gift ideas. We would love to have a felt flower wreath or this flower ampersand. Who can complain about flowers you DON’T have to water!? We’re sold 🙂
Find them online: Etsy | Instagram

Alright, we are majorly fangirling Diana from To Di For. We are literally obsessed with her delicious cupcakes. If you follow her on Instagram, be prepared to drool every day over the new things she’s cooking up and incredible flavors you’ll “di for”. My favorite flavor is the Badger Bites (pictured in middle photo above). You will love her delicious treats, they are totally the best! If you want to try some of your own. Contact Diana for orders, or you can get her cupcakes (if they don’t sell out first) at Cool Beans Cafe on the east side of Madison, WI.
Find them online: Website | Facebook | Instagram

One of the things we love about creating this list is finding unique gifts for you and your loved ones.
We perked up when we saw these wool wrapped bars of soap by Shovel + Spade. Get rid of that old loofa and replace it with these amazing products. We got one and love it! Shovel + Spade is fiber art for sustainable living. She also has other great products like wooly can coozies, wooly jars, and fiber art decor. Check out her website to find more ideas!
Find them online: Website | Facebook | Instagram

We instantly fell in love with Plushzilla’s children’s creations. They are these adorable handmade “stuffed animals”, and we use the air quotes because they’re so much better than a plain old stuffed animals. These animals are so well crafted and they come in so many different animals and colors. If you’re buying gifts for any little ones, you’ll want to check PlushZilla out. AND if you need a fun adult gift, you’ll love these F Bomb’s! A perfect thing to throw when life’s not going your way. What a great fun idea, We’d love to have one on hand when our web design trouble-shooting isn’t going our way.
Find them online: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

Our next featured business also creates adorable “stuffed animals”. These are cute guys are knit by HPKnits and she has some great gift ideas. How cute are these yard pouf wreaths and Christmas trees? We love how fun and modern these are. Decorate your house with these or you can also gift them to someone with lots of Christmas spirit. HPKnits also creates other knitted pieces like hats and scarves too! Check her work out online or at Booth 121. She also sells her products through ReKindled, one of the amazing businesses we featured in last year’s guide.
Find them online: Facebook

Last but not least, the incredible work of Blue Giraffe Glass. We love these pieces as gift ideas — this is truly an art. We could never in a million years create something like this. They have great holiday-themed pieces like the stars and little Christmas tree ornaments. To state the obvious, we also love these little glass cacti! Blue Giraffe Glass makes some pieces that are so lovely and unique.
Find them online: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram


I hope that gives you some great ideas for you to #shoplocal this holiday season. I encourage you to add these items to your holiday wish list as well as purchase them for friends and family gifts. They provide a much more personal touch than that tempting Amazon Prime option 🙂

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