Madison Area #ShopSmall Local Gift Guide

Wow-za! Look at the time, or calendar rather… Have you started your holiday shopping? Are you planning to shop local in the Madison area?

I can’t even believe it, is Black Friday Small Business Saturday really right around the corner? Having an early Thanksgiving this year is really throwing us off.

BTW, do you know how (and why) the holiday’s date is determined? Thanksgiving is always held on the fourth Thursday of November and since this year the month started on a Thursday, it falls on it’s earliest possible date. I was reading this [actually quite interesting] article from NPR, and discovered the history behind the date chosen. Did you know that there was once a month where TWO Thanksgivings were celebrated!? Bring on all the homemade mashed potatoes ya’ll!

Anyways… back to our main focus.

If you’re not familiar with Small Business Saturday, I’m happy you’re here to learn more. It’s a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities. It’s the annual holiday shopping tradition that gets communities everywhere out in support of their favorite small businesses. Because when they thrive, we all thrive. The small businesses are the ones working their butts off to make a living doing what they love and giving back to the local communities. This day was created to refrain shoppers from shopping the big box stores and encouraging them to shop small. To read our previous year’s local gift guide you can read more here for 2016 and here for 2017.


In support of this movement, we wanted to continue the tradition of feature local businesses and create this fabulous list of local shops. This way, these gifts are easy to shop for and provide a great variety for everyone, regardless of where you live in the Madison area. We are bringing you our favorite spots to find local gifts and just in time for the gift-giving season!

Get ready to shop local in the Madison Area!

Shops are in order based on the distance from the Wisconsin State Capitol as the crow flies…

Good Day Collective

1 N Pinckney St, Madison, WI 53703

We’ll kick off the list with a pop-up retail experience by One-One Thousand, Red’s Mercantile and Wildewood. These three brands have joined forces (yay for #communityovercompetition!) to curate a one-of-a-kind shopping experience just off Madison’s capitol square! They are temporarily in the space to bring you the very best this shopping season, so shop now, they are only open until January 8, 2019.

In the shop, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of gifts including indoor plants and handcrafted home and lifestyle goods. They feature over 30 brands to explore! A special note from the owners: Check back often as inventory will change throughout the three-month pop-up!

Shopping small means everything to us! We know the people behind a lot of the brands that we carry, we know their story, their process. We’re experts on everything we carry, as we should be, which is something you just don’t get from big box stores. That also makes it so exciting to see someone come in and connect to something we feel so strongly about. All of us personally enjoy shopping small, too. It’s such a fun way to source unique and high quality items for your home or gifts for loved ones. And you get the added bonus of knowing you’re supporting someone who took the scary leap into the world of small business owning.

Kate Holl, Owner of Wildewood, Co-owner of the Good Day Market

Website  |  Facebook

Little Luxuries

230 State Street, Madison, WI 53703

A state-street favorite by many! Little Luxuries has been a part of the State Street local business community for over 25 years. They have a really fun and diverse selection of gifts for loved ones of all ages. The owner, Amy Moore, is so sweet and has brought a really fun collection of gifts. We ALSO love Little Luxuries because it is a proud supporter of the arts and local charitable programs, which we give a BIG thumbs up!

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Hazel + Hatch

1248-1250 Williamson Street, Madison, WI 53703

We love the creativity and artistic talent here! Hatch Art House and Hazel General Store are the perfect 2-in-1 gift stop! While they operate as 2 separate entities, they have a joined store which gives you double the fun. They have a lot of fun treasures to find, including an expansive collection of art pieces, beautiful prints, jewelry, apparel, and more! Hazel supports over 100 USA Makers with an emphasis on makers who give back through donations, charity or good ole kindness! I always find ready great gifts every time I stop by, sometimes they’re so good I have to keep them for myself.

My first shop, Hatch Art House opened 8 years ago in 2010. I have a passion for supporting local artists and after many years of being an artist and waiting tables, I saved enough money to finally make the leap. (I moved across the country to do it!) About 5 years in, Hatch Art House was doing great with a solid community built up around it, when the neighboring space became available. I knew our neighborhood would benefit from a modern-day general store since our art gallery customers were continually asking where to find certain products nearby and for so many things I didn’t have an answer for them. That’s when Hazel General Store was born. We opened a few months later in June of 2015 and showcase US makers and artisans.
Tammy Schreiter, Owner of Hatch and Hazel

Hazel’s Website   |   Facebook  |  Instagram

Booth 121

6203 Monona Dr, Monona, WI 53716

Truly one of a kind! It also happens to be one of my favorite places to bring out-of-town guests. There are so many fun (and inappropriate) gifts that you could probably spend all day in there. They feature many one-of-a-kind and handmade gifts, home décor, upcycled furniture, clothing, jewelry and so much more!

If you’re looking for a place to shop local in the Madison area, I would definitely recommend this shop, it’s unlike any other.

Website  |  Facebook

Ubuntu Trade

2789 Fitchrona Road, Madison, Wisconsin 53719

Ubuntu Trade is a socially conscious shop that features gifts filled with unique, handcrafted items from both global and local makers and artisans. Her tagline: Trade Goods. Trade Good. couldn’t be more fitting. Her shop of truly-lovely and culturally diverse gifts aims to connect people + goods around the world in the spirit of UBUNTU. April has an incredible story and her shop was created to support the local maker whether on her travels around the world or just down the street.

“I have always loved shopping from small local makers in all of my travels around the world. After living in Uganda for 2 years and getting to know many makers personally, I wanted to give them an international platform to share their talent. Once I opened the store, I decided to add from fair trade brands along with small US-based makers. I don’t have “maker talent” myself, but if my shop can give makers a place to sell their wares, so they can keep making and earning a living, then I feel like I’m supporting and contributing to the small maker movement.”
April Joy Gulley, Owner of Ubuntu

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Lake Life Co.

331 E. Main Street #101, Waunakee, WI 53597

We all can appreciate the value in living a lake life lifestyle, where dreams are endless, time to relax is precious, and all you have to do is DIVE IN!… Lake Life Company features a nice blend of gifts for both your family AND furry friends. Amy’s company was founded by a hobby-turned-business with homemade candles and sugar-scrubs. In February 2018, Lake Life Co. opened its doors to its new home in Waunakee, WI!

They have a great collection of decor which would make a great gift for loved ones. Plus, with a wall full of clean-burning, 100% soy homemade candles in all kinds of great scents, you’ll be sure to find one that will make a perfect gift.

We started our business three years ago as a creative outlet for our kids. Our daughter started our business at age 11. We opened our shop to grow our brand, make more of an impact and help others with our Mission. #ShopSmall is supporting dreams. Hardwork, time, dedication, persistence all go into growing a business. Shopping with these businesses rewards these efforts…
Amy Bernards, Life Life Co. Owner

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

JNJ Craftworks

1051 N Edge Trail, Verona, WI 53593

JNJ Craftworks is close to home and a great place to find unique items and that perfect gift in Verona, WI! They feature gifts for all occasions including religious celebrations. They opened in 2016 and support over 70 artists. For JNJ owner Jerina Vincent, supporting the local community isn’t just a catchphrase or a way to drum up holiday business. It’s the very heart of JNJ’s business plan. They take pride that their products bring joy and honor to many.
 “We don’t just serve local customers, and we showcase the work of local artists. Dane County is full of creative, talented people, and our shop is a celebration of that talent. It’s a cozy little circle: the better we support local artists, the more they’re able to create, which keeps us stocked with all sorts of interesting things.”
Jerina Vincent, Owner of JNJ Craftworks
For the second year, JNJ is giving back to local schools this holiday season! Want to show extra support your children’s school? Print this image out, and JNJ will donate 5% of the sale back to your local school of choice.

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram


118 E. Main Street, Mount Horeb, WI 53572

KELLA’s business is pretty much my dream come true! They have a storefront selling local products and a studio for their design business in the back. Their space is so well put together and I love everything they sell, including their own apparel line, Forward Apparel Co. Everything in their shop is so exquisitely designed that you will never have to turn down a shirt because of the poor kerning or crappy choice of font. (Sidenote: Do you ever think, “Wow, I love this, but the kerning is terrible!!” Yea… we know how you feel. You will not have that problem here!).

They created a really nice space and shopping experience that offers a space for local artists to highlight their work as well as providing an avenue for their apparel line.

“Even before we opened KELLA, we have always fully supported and participated in the #shopsmall movement. We know that small, locally-owned businesses are the heart & soul of every single community and want to make sure we support them in anyway that we can. When you shop at KELLA you can feel good knowing that your money stays in the community and is helping to support small artists from around the great state of Wisconsin.”
Kelly, co-founder of Kella Design

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram



BONUS: Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz

330 W Lakeside St, Madison, WI 53715

We can’t forget gift-giving for our furry friends, so we had to add a bonus feature! If you’re looking for a local pet store, we’ve got you covered. Liz says she opened Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz to satisfy her personal motto in life — Help People, Help Animals, Build Community. What a great motto!! She offers a large variety of locally-made goods

Continuing to #shopsmall is a legit way that people can honestly support hard working store owners, artists and entrepreneurs. It means that we can have connection, talk about our issues, solve our issues, smile, cry, have eye contact, help one another, care for one another and just plain DO GOOD. You can’t get that from a computer screen. “Buying local” is not just a catch phrase.When you do it, you are helping pay a bill and keeping your neighborhood alive. And we, as small biz owners, love you for it.

Liz, co-founder of Mutzy Mutz

Facebook  |  Instagram



Now grab your friends are family and head out for an amazing shopping trip!

Get out there and #ShopLocal



Madison, WI Shop Local Gift Guide

Looking for some great holiday gift ideas? Well, we’re here for you with 10 incredible local businesses who have great gift ideas for the holiday season! We are a huge advocate of shopping local this holiday season. Our list is comprised of local entrepreneurs selling fantastic goods. Please take some time to look at the list and check out all these great businesses.

This girl. She rocks. I pretty much love all her things. Naturally, because she’s a designer, all her designs are well-designed, creative, and adorable! She has a huge selection of products but we have chosen some of our favorites to feature in our guide. Seriously… how adorable is that HOME sign where you can swap out the wreath for different seasons? We love it. Do ahead and check her out, we guarantee you’ll find some gifts for a few people on your list. (And probably something for you too!!)

Find them online: Website | Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

Melissa Jenkins is probably one of our favorite handcrafted jewelers in town. We’re pretty obsessed with tassel earrings, and she has so many cute options with great color choices. She also makes these fabulous wall hangings and weavings that are so trendy and so adorable. One of the many things I love about what Melissa makes is that each piece looks a little different. Fabulous variety while sticking to the same Melissa Jenkins style. Yes, please!

Find them online: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

Obviously, we can’t do a local holiday gift guide in the Wisconsin without including something to get you through those lonnnnnng colddddd winters. We love the snuggly + warm pieces CroquisKnits creates. She has a ton of styles and great colors to choose from. We love all things creative, but one still we’ve never been able to wrap our heads around is knitting. That’s why we love to know fabulous women with amazing talents! Stay warm this winter with CroquisKnits.

Find them online: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

We love these pieces from Dolce Home (formerly Madison Craft Studio). We first discovered them at the Madison Night Market and fell in love with what they created out of wood ( and fabric too ;) ). We pretty much wanted to buy everything for ourselves and for others. A truly great sign when you want to buy something for everyone on your list. We originally picked Dolce Home for our guide because of their cool die-cut wood artwork for your home, but they also have cute pillows and custom cutting boards. (If you know Carly, she has a slight obsession with pillows, lol #truth). Check them out for some fabulous gift ideas! They have so many Madison-based designs, BUT if you’re buying for someone who doesn’t live in town, you can totally order something custom – SCORE!

Find them online: Etsy | Facebook

If you follow Sprout on Instagram, you probably already know we’re in love with these felt succulents. A simple concept but it’s totally amazing! We already have a few of them and we continue to want more. For our house, for our office, for everywhere! They just make us smile every time. Aside from the adorable succulents, she also makes felt flowers and other great gift ideas. We would love to have a felt flower wreath or this flower ampersand. Who can complain about flowers you DON’T have to water!? We’re sold :)

Find them online: Etsy | Instagram

Alright, we are majorly fangirling Diana from To Di For. We are literally obsessed with her delicious cupcakes. If you follow her on Instagram, be prepared to drool every day over the new things she’s cooking up and incredible flavors you’ll “di for”. My favorite flavor is the Badger Bites (pictured in middle photo above). You will love her delicious treats, they are totally the best! If you want to try some of your own. Contact Diana for orders, or you can get her cupcakes (if they don’t sell out first) at Cool Beans Cafe on the east side of Madison, WI.

Find them online: Website | Facebook | Instagram

One of the things we love about creating this list is finding unique gifts for you and your loved ones.

We perked up when we saw these wool wrapped bars of soap by Shovel + Spade. Get rid of that old loofa and replace it with these amazing products. We got one and love it! Shovel + Spade is fiber art for sustainable living. She also has other great products like wooly can coozies, wooly jars, and fiber art decor. Check out her website to find more ideas!

Find them online: Website | Facebook | Instagram

We instantly fell in love with Plushzilla’s children’s creations. They are these adorable handmade “stuffed animals”, and we use the air quotes because they’re so much better than a plain old stuffed animals. These animals are so well crafted and they come in so many different animals and colors. If you’re buying gifts for any little ones, you’ll want to check PlushZilla out. AND if you need a fun adult gift, you’ll love these F Bomb’s! A perfect thing to throw when life’s not going your way. What a great fun idea, We’d love to have one on hand when our web design trouble-shooting isn’t going our way.

Find them online: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

Our next featured business also creates adorable “stuffed animals”. These are cute guys are knit by HPKnits and she has some great gift ideas. How cute are these yard pouf wreaths and Christmas trees? We love how fun and modern these are. Decorate your house with these or you can also gift them to someone with lots of Christmas spirit. HPKnits also creates other knitted pieces like hats and scarves too! Check her work out online or at Booth 121. She also sells her products through ReKindled, one of the amazing businesses we featured in last year’s guide.

Find them online: Facebook

Last but not least, the incredible work of Blue Giraffe Glass. We love these pieces as gift ideas — this is truly an art. We could never in a million years create something like this. They have great holiday-themed pieces like the stars and little Christmas tree ornaments. To state the obvious, we also love these little glass cacti! Blue Giraffe Glass makes some pieces that are so lovely and unique.

Find them online: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

Want even more ideas? Take a look back at last year’s list, lots of great ideas there too!

I hope that gives you some great ideas for you to #shoplocal this holiday season. I encourage you to add these items to your holiday wish list as well as purchase them for friends and family gifts. They provide a much more personal touch than that tempting Amazon Prime option :)