Sprout Studio, LLC is a small but dynamic studio bursting with creativity to create effective solutions for you. That’s right, with our full range of graphic design skills and credited versatility, we’re equipped to deliver top-notch designs just for you.

Quick to complete tasks and the depth of her knowledge of design programs is evident.”

Alyssa Frederick

From the beginning, we were impressed and pleased with Carly… Her work is outstanding and her attitude is over the top!”

Susan Tehan
Blue Mound Graphics

You addressed each of our concerns while delivering creative and professional services.”

Barb Mork
Mork Mausoleum

Encouraging and helping businesses grow to their full potential since 2013.

Want to get to know Sprout Studio, LLC?

Sprout Studio specializes in branding, event promotion and design, and affordable WordPress web design. Our fabulous design skills put us above the competition and our attention to every detail allows us to deliver quality designs you will love. How’s that sound? Pretty great, right? You can keep on reading, or you can cut to the chase and learn more about why you should choose Sprout Studio.

You can learn more about Sprout Studio and Carly Wilkie on our About Page.

Take a look at our video — It’s a good overview on who we are, what we do, and one of our favorite projects (which one? you’ll have to watch and see).

Our Featured Design Services

Branding + Logo Design

You might ask, what is Branding? The foundation of your brand is your logo, however, branding is so much more!

Event Branding + Design

Do you have an exciting event coming up? Sprout Studio can create the posters, social media, and overall look of your occasion, contest, or fundraiser.

WordPress Web Design

Do you have an attractive website that draws people in? With Sprout’s creative eye, you can have a website that you can be proud of.

Marketing Collateral

Social Media

Invitation Suites

Illustration + Typography


Build your brand. Develop your story.

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